World-renowned primrose specialists since 1936

CCVS National Collection
of Barnhaven primulas and certified collection of Primula auricula cultivars
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Welcome to the Legendary Barnhaven Primroses

- the world-renowned hardy primrose specialists. Florence Bellis began her famous hybridizing programme in the USA in 1936 and 80 years later, we are still committed to producing seeds and plants using her traditional hand-pollinating methods.  We aim  to keep the original Barnhaven strains going, to continue her creative work and to spread the enjoyment and delight that comes from growing beautiful primroses. Try our primrose seeds or ready to go plants and experience the magic of Barnhaven for yourselves.


OPENING TIMES:  Visitors are still welcome. Please ring ahead to check someone is there to greet you.   

PLANT ORDERS: Any plant orders placed after the 19th June will be dispatched in the autumn.

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