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Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years. They always cheer us up when the temperature drops outside and our fingers are frozen or we are drooping with exhaustion in the spring.

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  • Purchased helleborus plants to be shipped to USA.

    Thomas M. - United States - October 2018
  • Beautiful healthy plants which gave us months of pleasure with their colours and fragrance. They all grew to large plants which have been split, so an enormous collection now. Thank you

    Nesta M. - England - October 2018
  • I have had great success growing plants from your seeds. I received a package yesterday with seeds and plants. The plants arrived in lovely shape . Thank you for providing such a wonderful variety.

    Lucy C. - United States - October 2018
  • Great success in germinating double primrose seed in Australia.

    Derelys O. - Australia - September 2018
  • Always superlative seeds in wide variety.No argument germination is always 90% plus Have been a customer for 40+ years,I just need a bigger garden.

    Geoff H. - United Kingdom - September 2018
  • excellent customer service. delivery rapid and the healthy plants were well wrapped.

    Patricia H. - France - September 2018
  • Sadly, none of the seeds germinated so I shall buy plants in future.

    Mary L. - United Kingdom - August 2018
  • We are sorry you did not get good germination from our seeds. This does depend on many factors including keeping the seeds cool enough and using the right type of compost with no fertilizer. We will be in touch with you and hope you will have another try.
    Jodie - Barnhaven
  • quick, material respons to all questions

    Jerzy G. - Poland - July 2018
  • I had a wonderful display of polyanthus this spring grown from the seeds I had from you last year. The colours are wonderful, much more attractive and interesting that those available from other sources. I have grown several different ones over the years and Desert Sunset and Flamingo are my current favourites.

    Pam B. - United Kingdom- June 2018
  • I bought a number of the Border Auriculas from Barnhaven for a new 'rockery border'.... they arrived today beautifully packed and in superb condition - very happy with the excellent choice and service.

    Sarah B. - United Kingdom- Mai 2018
  • excellent service! plants arrived in Canada in great shape.

    Rock Garden Club - United States- April 2018
  • The plants arrived very well packaged and in excellent codition. I would not hesitate to use the service again.

    John.M - United Kingdom - April 2018
  • Very beautiful and healthy plants.

    Teresa L. - Estonia - March 2018
  • The Primroses arrived today in excellent condtion. Not only does Barnhaven offer a wonderful selection, the quality of their plants is exceptional. I will be ordering again soon!

    Robert G. - United States - March 2018
  • My order was actioned quickly and correctly. They took the trouble to check my address was correct. The plants arrived well packed and very health. I will order again in the future.

    Peter S. - United Kingdom - March 2018
  • Seeds and plants arrived safe and sound perfectly packaged to Spain. Now I hope to take good care of them! Thanks!

    Isabel S. - Spain - March 2018
  • Hi, Lovely and healthy plants arrived today, thank you very much!

    Malin M. - Sweden - March 2018
  • I received safely your plants today. Thank you so much!

    Hisako K. - Japan - February 2018
  • Thank you for the quick delivery. Seeds have now been sown. Looking forward to next year to see the new forms in flower.

    Ted B. - United Kingdom - February 2018
  • I confirm that I have received the ordered plants today. Thank you for the good quality.

    Elmer. A - Denmark - February 2018
  • Thank you very much for the well packed plants, we are delighted with them.

    Leonie F. - Ireland - January 2018
  • Seeds in the mail package plus the two mystery packs! Thank you, that is a very nice gesture and I will look forward to seeing what comes out. Will look at sowing next month to get a nice winter flowering through August and September.

    Steve P. - New Zealand - January 2018
  • Thank you order arrived today in perfect condition. I am delighted

    Christine H. - United Kingdom - January 2018
  • So far very good

    J. Walker - United Kingdom - November 2017
  • I got the plants yesterday and they look very well.Thank you very much.

    Marcus B. - Germany - November 2017
  • Everything excellent - as always!

    Michael S. - Germany - October 2017
  • I received my parcel today. I will carefully grow so that pretty flowers will bloom in spring. Thank you very much.

    Junko K. - Japan - October 2017
  • Received the plants in good condition, thank you very much. Greetings.

    Jan V. - Holland - October 2017
  • I am pleased to say that my order for seeds have just this minute arrived, Very pleased with the packing, Thanking you most sincerely.

    Terry Y. - United Kingdom - October 2017
  • Received the package of my ordered seeds of Primula all intact. Would like to extend my hearty thanks for the nice packaging.

    Anand S. - India - September 2017
  • Thank you very much for the beautifully packed candelabra primulas which arrived today. Can't wait to sort them out and get them planted.

    Jackie D. - France - June 2017
  • Last year’s cowichans have been marvellous!

    Sally F. - Luxembourg - May 2017
  • Today arrives the packet in good condition. Even the plants are looking good. Thank you very much, I will order in the future again.

    Miroslav V. Czech Republic - March 2017
  • My order as above delivered spot on time, many thanks. My Irish acaulis was super!!! Will order again soon

    Roy H. - United Kingdom - April 2017
  • Having moved, I need to establish another collection of primulas and yours are the best. Thanks so much for all you do and keep up the good work. Long live Florence Bellis!

    Paul T. - United Kingdom - March 2017
  • Just to let you know that the plants I ordered have just arrived safely and been unpacked. I'm delighted with them and will certainly be in touch for more. Thank you so much.

    Nina M. - United Kingdom - February 2017
  • Dear Barnhaven Primroses people, Auricula order arrived today, all's well. Thanks very much

    John N.- United Kingdom - February 2017
  • Thank you for the beautiful plants.

    Lithuania 2017
  • You're doing the world a favor with these primroses.

    Nathaniel - United States - January 2017
  • Just to say that my recent order arrived safely the other day and, as always, delighted with the plants and I look forward to enjoying them in the Spring.

    Anthony G - United Kingdom - October 2016
  • All plants came in great condition and still blooming. The colour is just breathtaking. ( Anita, US, March 2016)
  • Many thanks for sending my seeds which arrived safely and were sown today -yay! It's a wonderful service you provide and I look forward to  ordering more. Grateful thanks. (Robyn, New Zealand, 2015)
  • Thank you for the beautiful plants, well packaged. I got them in perfect condition - I was very impressed with the packaging, thank you! (Uk customer, 2014)
  • My order arrived yesterday. The plants were in good condition. I am very happy! Thank you all. (Sanae,  Japan, 2014
  • The plants and seed arrived in perfect condition, a nice Christmas present. Thank you! (Egnaro, Dec 2014, Plants sent bare-rooted to the US)
  • Just to let you know how much I've enjoyed my Barnhaven seeds flowering for the first time this year! They've given me much pleasure. Thank you. (Alison, UK, May 2014)
  • Last year I bought seed from you for the first time, having known the name of Barnhaven Primulas for many years, but having no faith in my ability to raise a primrose from seed! I followed your instructions to the letter, happily sowing the seed whilst the weather was still cold.  I had excellent germination, and pricked out most of the seedlings in October.  Now I am having the great delight of seeing them come into bloom, first being a batch of Julianas, followed by all the rest. The "Enthusiasts  Mix" is proving very exciting, with "hose-in-hose" and a soft pink with a double layer of frilly skirts - not sure what you call these. I am thrilled to bits, and whilst no doubt boring some of my friends, hope to convert  everyone else to the gentle beauty of these charming plants. In a gardening world of ever bigger and more garish primulas, THANKYOU VERY MUCH for keeping the Barnhaven strain going. (Jasmine D.UK, 2014)
  • I received your Primula today. All of plants are very nice condition! (Plants sent bare-rooted to customer in Japan 2014)
  • The world is a better, more beautiful place thanks to Barnhaven Primroses! (Canada 2013)
  • My garden looks good with all the plants I got from the 7 packets of seed I bought last year.  (UK 2013)
  • My seed order has just arrived, all present and correct, in excellent condition and looking delicious!.  (New Zealand 2013)
  • I tried your seed that I received from the American Primrose Society Seed Exchange for the first time this year. I had great results so I'm placing this order. (USA 2013)
  • Looking forward to more seeds from you, I ordered Cowichan Garnet seeds last year and every single seed germinated and have been growing beautifully in my gardens. Looking forward to lots of bloom this coming spring.  (Canada 2012)
  • All the cute little bare root plants I received from you in late May made the trip in fine form and are growing nicely - thought you would like to know. (American customer 2012)
  • This is the second time I´m ordering primroses from your nursery. The plants you sent to me earlier this spring were absolutely awesome. (Germany 2011)
  • I hope you understand how much your primroses are valued by those of us who grow your seeds. My wife and I sit out on our back porch in spring watching the colors emerge and change.(...) You really do put some beauty and life into the world and that is a wonderful thing to do. (US customer 2011)
  • I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your seeds of auricula and primroses. I sowed the seeds last winter and now I have a stunning array of primroses, big plants, many flowers, great variety. I am so thrilled with them. The auricula are blooming , not so profusely but still flowers on them. It is exciting waiting to see what each bud produces. So thank you. I am getting much pleasure from my plants. (Customer in Australia)
  • Just wanted to let you folks know that I have primroses blooming in the middle of July here in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada. This is something that I fully didn't expect. The plants are from a package of Springtime Mix and also from divisions that I made earlier this year. Primroses are thought of as May-June blooms, of course, but here in this part of Nova Scotia (by the Atlantic Ocean in zone 5B) they are blooming right into the summer and I suspect until the fall.
  • This season, your primula bloomed much later in my garden - in February there was a big frost and little snow, and they were very hit but, to my great joy, rebounded nicely from the root and bloom beautifully now! So I want more and more of your amazing Primula ! (from Poland May 2011)
  • I have my first crop of doubles blooming this fall from your seed and they are so wonderful I had to grow some more- the colours are stunning and the forms delightful! ( a US customer)
  • I had great success and high germination rate. A number of the seedlings bloomed this Fall and are continuing to bloom now. ( Canada)
  • I would just like to thank you. I have never succeeded so well with my sowing efforts before!! Your seeds are really very fertile and I am so happy. (Customer in Sweden)
  • Hope they are as successful as the double primroses I got on a previous occasion. About 70 percent double.
  • I live in Minnesota USA and have some lovely primroses, but nothing like these. They are spectacular!
  • I thought you might like to know that I have just won three amateur prizes in this show for plants grown from your seed planted last March. ( US customer).
  • The primulas I grew from your seed last year are being greatly and admired and appreciated wherever I take them. (a customer in Vancouver)
  • Just a note to tell you that the germination on the double seed this year was outstanding. (a Us customer).
  • They are blooming and they are gorgeous.
  • I have received and sown the seeds and the germination has been superb. These are by far the best primula seeds that I have purchased. It is most unusual to find a seed supplier that GENUINELY sells fresh seed. (UK customer)
  • Watching my seedlings bloom out this spring was an experience beyond words… My best plant pal stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing the Cowichans… I am most certain he is addicted now. your plants, THAT range of colors… Oh-My-Oh-MY-OH MY!!!!
  • Dear Madam. Sir: I suppose that you are used to customers complaining if something does not go well with a product, but not for them to praise when praise is due. So let me surprise you. Recently I bought a few packets of primroses from you, and the percentage germination was more than 50 %. I consider this to be excellent, as I did not take any special precautions with soil, etc. I am comparing this with the miserly 4% or less that I obtained with seeds bought last year from a local garden centre. I suppose that it always pays to go to the experts...
  • Very happy to report the plants arrived this morning in excellent condition, many thanks!
  • The seeds I bought from you last year performed magnificently, and I have some really beautiful primroses blooming in the greenhouses as I write. Thanks!
  • The plants finally arrived today, despite having spent a week in a tiny box they were in good condition - no doubt thanks to the person who packed them with so much love and care! I'm on my way out to plant them now, by the look of them I think they'll be just fine and start growing well next year!
  • So far, I have had excellent germination of all the primula seeds I have purchased from you (I have so many seedlings that I don't know what to do with them all!!)
  • The Barnhavens look superb on our display.
  • I am a returning customer. Nice to see we can order direct from your site! I've had fabulous luck with your seeds and through the years have a collection of primrose to be proud of. Thank you for sharing with the world.
  • Just a line to thank you for producing such good seeds I always have at least 85% propagate.
  • The plants arrived yesterday, all the plants in good condition.
  • Thank you! Your primroses are the best!
  • My package of Barnhaven seeds have just arrived, seemingly with the speed of light.
  • There is something very special about your plants.
  • Thank you for the primroses and cowslips, they look very healthy.
  • I purchased 12 double primroses some while ago and they are all in flower except two which will be soon, and they are gorgeous-eight are lovely shades of blue and purple ,one dark red and one white.
  • I have had great success with all my seeds.
  • Best regards from a customer in Norway who is very satisfied using your seeds, they grow well in our rough climate.
  • I have ordered from you in the past and have been happy with the germination rate and so would rather order from you than another source.
  • Look forward to sowing the seeds and planting out the new plants. People comment how lovely the plants are and not like the usual ones that Garden Centres and SuperMarkets sell. I tell them from where they can buy the seeds!
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