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Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years. They always cheer us up when the temperature drops outside and our fingers are frozen or we are drooping with exhaustion in the spring.

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  • I ordered several Hellebores, I still had some questions on my order that were answered in a very correct way. Plants were very well packed and arrived fast.

    Pieter - Belgium - November 2023
  • I ordered some auricula's and clay pots and everything arrived in good condition, about a week after ordering.

    Tom V. - Belgium - September 2023
  • bought hellebore seeds and i was delighted to transform them into small plants. now returning for new purchases

    radu - Romania - June 2023
  • Delivery started on March 25th, received on April 13th! Please note if anyone wants to order seeds to Korea! The quarantine certificate worked and was able to arrive safely. I'll plant it right away! Thank you. Next time, I'll have to raise another seed here! A lot of things have happened, but.. Now I'm so happy that this cute seed has come to me - I'll let you know again when it germinates! Have a good day

    Suwancho - Korea - April 2023
  • Thank you so much for the primroses plants, seeds and great delivery service. I received plants in 4 days. The seeds I bought in autumn 2022 germinated well, and now there are little plants with 1-3 true leaves. I am very happy to be able to order beautyful primroses from Barnhaven Primroses. Best wishes from Lithuania :)

    Undine - Lithuania - April 2023
  • Lieliska piegāde un lieliski augi.Great!

    Anda L. - Latvia - March 2023
  • A rendelt magok gyorsan megérkeztek.

    Tímea N. - Hungary - December 2022
  • First class service ,efficient ,get product you send for

    Andrew A. - Northern Ireland - November 2022
  • Great choices

    Liam N. - Canada - November 2022
  • Just started but looks like a good resource

    Peter B. - United Kingdom - May 2022
  • The parcel arrived super quickly from France to Finland. Everything very well packed and the plants in good condition. Two of the Primulas even have flower buds! Brilliant service!

    Saila Routio - Finland - February 2022
  • Beautiful plants. Speedy delivery. Arrived in 2 days from France to west of Ireland.

    Margaret - Ireland- January 2022
  • I orded plants when they where delivered in HOlland,the plants where very nice and the condition was very goed and sheep

    Arie W. - Holland - January 2022
  • My experience with Barnhaven has been very positive. My seeds (and book) arrived within 5 days from France to Canada - much faster than my expectations. I sowed the seeds on May 27 and now 2 weeks later, there is germination from all of the six packets that I ordered - Florindae, Elizabethan and Victorian polyanthus, Vulgaris, Bulleesiana, and Sieboldii. Flurondae was first and it looks like most of the seed germinated, while Sieboldii started within the last day or 2. I am very much looking forward to ordering again from Barnhaven.

    Ewan - Canada - June 2021
  • My stepfather who passed away 4 years back had taken to growing flowers from seed in the last decade of his life. He wanted ever more challenges. He ordered polyanthus, auricula, and miscellaneous other seed from Barnhaven. Now, my mother and I in our two homes have his gorgeous primroses still blooming this spring, at mine it's a few auricula in pots and candelabra in the ground, at hers it's those and gorgeous streams of blue shades of primroses. So... I wanted to try to do what he did this year. I ordered many strains of polyanthus and some auricula. Came beautifully packaged-- am keeping the seed packages as "souvenirs"-- and fresh. I have many little plants growing away except so far not auricula. I am new at primula, so that's OK-- I will actually be even more impressed by my stepdad's skill if I can't completely replicate what he did! Thank you Barnhaven for your quality and range and for being a new family tradition and bringing such joy, connection and beauty!

    Kelly O. - United States - May 2021
  • Good service, good help with the order, the plants were well packed and arrived in good condition, and had an excellent quality. Recommend!

    Katarina L. - Sweden - May 2021
  • Always very high quality, well packaged plants

    Olga - Estonia - April 2021
  • The service from Barnhaven is first class. This is my second time buying primroses and I certainly will be buying more in the near future.

    Shane - Ireland - April 2021
  • I received primrose seeds last year. They have grown beautifully, and some of them even bloomed in late summer, despite the coronavirus and the disgusting Moscow climate. Thank you very much!

    Natalya - Russia - February 2021
  • I first ‘fell in love’ with primroses when I was two and they have a special in my heart and garden; to me they carry the hope of spring.
    I received a gift of three last spring (2020) and they were so beautiful I wanted make a special bed of primroses. Now if you want the best, and very special primroses, there is only one place you go – Barnhaven.
    They are specialists in primrose growing and have so many glorious primroses you are spoilt for choice. The colours are spectacular.
    The person I dealt with, Jodie Mitchell, was so helpful and kept in contact with me helping at every stage of my order. I can’t thank her enough.
    The primroses are beautifully and very carefully packed, and arrived very quickly. They are lovely, strong, well grown plants.
    Sorry Jodie you’ll have to put up with me again I will be coming back for more.

    JG - United-Kingdom - November 2020
  • I was delighted with the auricula plants, they were beautiful plants and arrived safely and very well packed. Thank you for fantastic communication and service, I shall deffinatly be ordering again. Thank you, Brenda. X

    Brenda - United-Kingdom - October 2020
  • I just recieved plants, they had some trip around the EU, ~2800 km. I can't tell about the result, its not a spring, but the service is good I could add few more plants, it have nice package. And now I can read a bitt of Daily Telegram.

    Edgar - Latvia - October 2020
  • Order was received within 6days. Well packaged and healthy looking plants

    Ian - United Kingdom - September 2020
  • Excellent service, wonderful plants, beautifully packaged and they arrived, from france FAR quicker than many companies, who shall remain nameless, in the UK

    Joe M. - United Kingdom - August 2020
  • Outstanding service from company - plants arrived happy and very well packed - will defiantly use this Barnhaven again.

    Lesley C. - United Kingdom - June 2020
  • At risk of being a bore but with little else to amuse myself herewith I am relating my experience with Barnhaven. I think it was in 1975 that I saw an advert in the local paper in Hobart tasmania where we were living at the time. The ad was for Barnhaven Primroses from Goodwin Bros. a family nursery inland from where we were living. The family were buying seed from Kendall and selling off plants as well as having a display garden. A year later I was corresponding with a colourful character in Jared Sinclair. My work moved the family around a bit and a few years later, living in Christchurch NZ I was propogating my own plants. Family and work dominated in those days and gardening went on the back burner until I retired some fifteen years ago. Now, living in the Bay of Plenty in NZ I have time again to persue these interests again particularly under the current circumstances. I still have the small catalogue from the Sinclair's with Francis Bellis on the front. I have never had a failure in germinating Barnhaven seeds. Steve P.

    Steve P. - New Zealand - April 2020
  • This was my first online order. The hellebores and primroses arrived in great comdtion even after shipping to the United States. A great experience and I will order again.

    Kenneth E. - United States - April 2020
  • Plants arrived healthy and happy. Beautifully packaged

    Dany - United Kingdom - March 2020
  • I used to get plants of you when you were at Kendal would like to start ordering again

    P. Martin - United Kingdom - February 2020
  • Thank you for your message. Lovely to hear that we still have some customers from when the nursery was in the UK!
    Jodie - Barnhaven
  • Very user friendly site and a nursery tenderly cared for by passionate plant lovers.

    Lina S. - United-Kingdom/France - February 2020
  • Clean roots and quick delivery good products!

    Sunny - Republic of Korea - January 2020
  • Second time I ordered. Plants arrived in perfect condition. Not dry, not too wet. When deciding upon what to order Barnhaven gave good and very friendly advice via e-mail. I live in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Thomas O. - Sweden - December 2019
  • Wonderful germination, lots of good sized healthy plants. Now do I plant out now or keep in a cold greenhouse until spring ?

    Susan B. - United Kingdom - December 2019
  • We are glad you have had success with our seeds. If the ground is not frozen, you can plant the seedling out now. If not, a cool greenhouse is a good place to keep them until spring.
    Jodie - Barnhaven
  • Enjoy is the word that comes to mind. My orders are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Any queries I have about primulas they readily answer. The seed I have bought from them has been good and I have some lovely Barnhaven primulas in my garden. Thank you!.

    Robyn B. - New Zealand - November 2019
  • Absolutely excellent.

    Rodney B. - South Africa - July 2019
  • These are the most wonderful primulas and they are grown expertly. They arrived carefully packed and full of health. I have planted them out to make a patch of joy in the Spring garden.

    Catherine M. - United Kingdom - April 2019
  • Barnhaven is a very well run business. The seeds always germinate and I get to enjoy wonderful flowers.

    Debbie M. - Canada - April 2019
  • Great service. Beautiful Barnhaven plants arrived safely - lovely, healthy plants, perfectly packaged - thankyou.

    Anne U. - England - March 2019
  • The primroses arrived in a few days in a very accurate and safe package. The greatest emotion was to see the extraordinary beauty of the plants: big, strong and full of flowers and buds !!! I recommend everyone, even those who are in other countries, to buy without fear from this fantastic nursery, you will find people very helpful, kind and wonderful, as beautiful as their primroses .. At the next order and thanks for everything ... from the heart ...

    Nadia B. - Italy - March 2019
  • I was so happy whem opening the package and plants were very well-being and not frozen (it was -7 degrees outside here in Finland). I only hope to keep the alive before planting

    Kirsti - Finland - March 2019
  • Exelent service and fine plants

    Anne H. - Norway - January 2019
  • Purchased helleborus plants to be shipped to USA.

    Thomas M. - United States - October 2018
  • Beautiful healthy plants which gave us months of pleasure with their colours and fragrance. They all grew to large plants which have been split, so an enormous collection now. Thank you

    Nesta M. - England - October 2018
  • I have had great success growing plants from your seeds. I received a package yesterday with seeds and plants. The plants arrived in lovely shape . Thank you for providing such a wonderful variety.

    Lucy C. - United States - October 2018
  • Great success in germinating double primrose seed in Australia.

    Derelys O. - Australia - September 2018
  • Always superlative seeds in wide variety.No argument germination is always 90% plus Have been a customer for 40+ years,I just need a bigger garden.

    Geoff H. - United Kingdom - September 2018
  • excellent customer service. delivery rapid and the healthy plants were well wrapped.

    Patricia H. - France - September 2018
  • Sadly, none of the seeds germinated so I shall buy plants in future.

    Mary L. - United Kingdom - August 2018
  • We are sorry you did not get good germination from our seeds. This does depend on many factors including keeping the seeds cool enough and using the right type of compost with no fertilizer. We will be in touch with you and hope you will have another try.
    Jodie - Barnhaven
  • quick, material respons to all questions

    Jerzy G. - Poland - July 2018
  • I had a wonderful display of polyanthus this spring grown from the seeds I had from you last year. The colours are wonderful, much more attractive and interesting that those available from other sources. I have grown several different ones over the years and Desert Sunset and Flamingo are my current favourites.

    Pam B. - United Kingdom- June 2018
  • I bought a number of the Border Auriculas from Barnhaven for a new 'rockery border'.... they arrived today beautifully packed and in superb condition - very happy with the excellent choice and service.

    Sarah B. - United Kingdom- Mai 2018
  • excellent service! plants arrived in Canada in great shape.

    Rock Garden Club - United States- April 2018
  • The plants arrived very well packaged and in excellent codition. I would not hesitate to use the service again.

    John.M - United Kingdom - April 2018
  • Very beautiful and healthy plants.

    Teresa L. - Estonia - March 2018
  • The Primroses arrived today in excellent condtion. Not only does Barnhaven offer a wonderful selection, the quality of their plants is exceptional. I will be ordering again soon!

    Robert G. - United States - March 2018
  • My order was actioned quickly and correctly. They took the trouble to check my address was correct. The plants arrived well packed and very health. I will order again in the future.

    Peter S. - United Kingdom - March 2018
  • Seeds and plants arrived safe and sound perfectly packaged to Spain. Now I hope to take good care of them! Thanks!

    Isabel S. - Spain - March 2018
  • Hi, Lovely and healthy plants arrived today, thank you very much!

    Malin M. - Sweden - March 2018
  • I received safely your plants today. Thank you so much!

    Hisako K. - Japan - February 2018
  • Thank you for the quick delivery. Seeds have now been sown. Looking forward to next year to see the new forms in flower.

    Ted B. - United Kingdom - February 2018
  • I confirm that I have received the ordered plants today. Thank you for the good quality.

    Elmer. A - Denmark - February 2018
  • Thank you very much for the well packed plants, we are delighted with them.

    Leonie F. - Ireland - January 2018
  • Seeds in the mail package plus the two mystery packs! Thank you, that is a very nice gesture and I will look forward to seeing what comes out. Will look at sowing next month to get a nice winter flowering through August and September.

    Steve P. - New Zealand - January 2018
  • Thank you all.....my order arrived today in perfect condition. I am delighted

    Christine H. - United Kingdom - January 2018
  • So far very good

    J. Walker - United Kingdom - November 2017
  • I got the plants yesterday and they look very well.Thank you very much.

    Marcus B. - Germany - November 2017
  • Everything excellent - as always!

    Michael S. - Germany - October 2017
  • I received my parcel today. I will carefully grow so that pretty flowers will bloom in spring. Thank you very much.

    Junko K. - Japan - October 2017
  • Received the plants in good condition, thank you very much. Greetings.

    Jan V. - Holland - October 2017
  • I am pleased to say that my order for seeds have just this minute arrived, Very pleased with the packing, Thanking you most sincerely.

    Terry Y. - United Kingdom - October 2017
  • Received the package of my ordered seeds of Primula all intact. Would like to extend my hearty thanks for the nice packaging.

    Anand S. - India - September 2017
  • Thank you very much for the beautifully packed candelabra primulas which arrived today. Can't wait to sort them out and get them planted.

    Jackie D. - France - June 2017
  • Last year’s cowichans have been marvellous!

    Sally F. - Luxembourg - May 2017
  • Today arrives the packet in good condition. Even the plants are looking good. Thank you very much, I will order in the future again.

    Miroslav V. Czech Republic - March 2017
  • My order as above delivered spot on time, many thanks. My Irish acaulis was super!!! Will order again soon

    Roy H. - United Kingdom - April 2017
  • Having moved, I need to establish another collection of primulas and yours are the best. Thanks so much for all you do and keep up the good work. Long live Florence Bellis!

    Paul T. - United Kingdom - March 2017
  • Just to let you know that the plants I ordered have just arrived safely and been unpacked. I'm delighted with them and will certainly be in touch for more. Thank you so much.

    Nina M. - United Kingdom - February 2017
  • Dear Barnhaven Primroses people, Auricula order arrived today, all's well. Thanks very much

    John N.- United Kingdom - February 2017
  • Thank you for the beautiful plants.

    Lithuania 2017
  • You're doing the world a favor with these primroses.

    Nathaniel - United States - January 2017
  • Just to say that my recent order arrived safely the other day and, as always, delighted with the plants and I look forward to enjoying them in the Spring.

    Anthony G - United Kingdom - October 2016
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