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Helleborus x hybridus - The Lenten rose

Our Barnhaven strains of hellebores are hybrid crosses of Helleborus x hybridus, (formally known as Helleborus x orientalis) and often named the Lenten rose.  We have been breeding hellebores here since 2004. Our collection originated when we were given a box of seeds by Jan Kay, a passionate hellebore lover from England and we have been working on them ever since to create stable strains as we have done with our primroses.  Tough as old boots and perfect companion plants to our primroses, Barnhaven hellebores are known for their glorious harmonising colours of pinks, whites, purples, greens and yellow and are available in an ever growing range of shades and forms. Usually flowering from January to March, they will brighten any dull winter day. 

What you will get

Barnhaven hellebores are all unique plants and have been sown here in the nursery using hand-pollinated seed from our carefully selected excellent breeding stock. None of our plants have been micropropagated. They have been grown on here in non-heated shade tunnels and will be ready to be planted out directly in the garden.

Barnhaven's hellebores are dispatched as well-rooted plants in 9 cm pots  or 1-2L pots.  (for certain countries they may be sent bare-rooted, extra costs apply – see our delivery page). 

Young plants in 9cm pots will establish well in the garden. They are one to two years old and have not yet flowered. They will usually flower the year after planting.

Mature plants in 1-2L pots. These are plants that are three or four years old and have already flowered.

Please note: We cut the leaves of our hellebore plants in early winter to prevent leaf-spot diseases. Please do not be alarmed if order a plant in winter and it arrives with no leaves. The flowers will appear first before the new leaves.

How to grow - See our Hellebore Culture pages

Please note that we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the colours or forms will come true and though our lines are fairly stable now there are always a few surprises The photos are only given as an indication of the form and colour of the plant. 

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