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Hellebore Plants

A good way of buying hellebores is to choose young plants which often establish more quickly than mature specimens and are also obviously less expensive. Barnhaven's hellebores are dispatched as well-rooted plants in 9 cm pots (for certain countries they may be sent bare-rooted). Most of the plants are one to two years old and have been sown here in the nursery using hand pollinated seed from our carefully selected excellent breeding stock. They have been grown on here in non-heated shade tunnels and will be ready to be planted out directly in the garden. They will usually flower the year after planting.

Plant them in a semi-shade, enriching the soil with some well-rotted manure or compost. Water them in thoroughly and until they are well established. Please be aware they will form fairly large clumps and will need space to develop. You will receive detailed planting instructions with your plants. 

Please note that we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the colours or forms will come true and though our lines are fairly stable now there are always a few surprises The photos are only given as an indication of the form and colour of the plant. All our plants are unique and none of them have been micropropagated.   

A very large choice of mature hellebores plants in flower is always available at our nursery from January onwards. 

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