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Plant fairs

Due to the on-going Covid-crisis, we will not be holding our usual open-weekends this year. We are planning on attending the following plant fairs. Obviously, this will depend on the sanitary conditions at the time of the event.

Sunday 21 March 2021
Regional Plant Fair
Andel, near St Brieuc, 22400

Saturday 27 March - Sunday 28 March 2021
Fête des plantes de l’Ecomusée du Perche
Saint-Cyr-la-Rosière, 61130

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 April 2021
Fête des Plantes de Saint Jean de Beauregard
Saint Jean de Beauregard, 91940

Saturday 17 - Sunday 18 April 2021
Spring garden fair - Château de Pommorio
Tréveneuc, 22410

Friday 1st May 2021
Fête des plantes du 1er mai
Stang Allar, Conservatoire National Botanique de Brest, 29200

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