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Hellebore Seeds

Fresh Hellebore seed available from June - September only. : sign up to our newsletter for detailed information

The secret of successful hellebore germination is to sow the seeds as early as possible after harvest, between June and August. They should then start to germinate from November/December, otherwise it can take up to 2 years!  Sowing instructions are included with all orders. You can also consult them on-line. Sowing your hellebore seed.

All our seeds are hand-pollinated from our carefully selected excellent breeding stock of Helleborus x hybridus. Most of our colour series are now coming true and although we cannot guarantee 100% the colours or forms we can promise exciting results.

Please bear in mind that a little patience is needed as often hellebores will take one to two years to flower from germination but we think it is well worth the wait! 

Flowering period: January - April

Height: 30cm to 60cm. 

Spread: 45cm - 90cm

Culture: Will thrive in semi-shade, plant in rich well-drained soil. 

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