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Further reading

If you want to find out more about primroses there is lot of literature out there. Don't forget to have a look at our Facebook site too as we try to post a lot of growing tips and up-to-date information. Here is a detailed list of other sites and books that might be of interest.

Internet resources

A special mention for Pam Eveleigh’s site Primula world - A visual reference for the genus primula A superb comprehensive reference with lots of pictures of primulas in the wild.

Primrose and auricula societies:

The first port of call for anyone who wants to find out more about what’s new in the primrose world. They all produce their own newsletters and have very lively websites with all the latest shows and news and often have a seed exchange.

American Primrose Society: We have very strong links with the APS as Florence Bellis was the founding member. We contribute regularly to their seed exchange and journal.

The Primula Lovers Group's Facebook page

The National Auricula and Primula society. A very lively site with great pictures of the show auriculas.

The National Auricula and Primula Society - Kent Group

The National Auricula and Primula society - Southern section

Alpine clubs

The Alpine Garden society : have a look at the diary entries, there is an especially interesting one by John Richards.

The Scottish Rock Garden Club : a very lively forum and huge seed exchange!

Danish Alpine Group.


Jodie Mitchell & Lynne Lawson, The Plant lover's guide to Primulas, 2016
: a joint effort by Lynne and Jodie, it aims to be an inspirational guide to growing Primulas in your garden. Includes very nice pictures and advice on how to grow, divide primroses and sowing.


Richards, John, Primulas, Timber Press, 2003, THE comprehensive guide to the genre. The basis for modern day classification. Quite technical and detailed.

Ward, Peter, Primroses and Polyanthus, A guide to the species and hybrids, 1997, A very accessible book with a big chapter on Barnhaven. Lots of illustrations, hybridizing and growing tips.

Robinson Mary A, Primulas The complete guide, 1990 A good general guide with useful information about Primula marginata and allionii.

Genders Roy, The polyanthus, 1963, Includes interesting descriptions of some of the old varieties and the development of Barnhaven.


Robinson Mary A, Auriculas for everyone, How to grow and show perfect plants, 2000, A great place to start for you budding auricula enthusiasts. Lots of illustrations and growing tips. A good reference for the different categories.

Guest, Allan, The auricula, 2009. Very detailed descriptions of some of the show plants and a big chapter on exhibiting them.

Cleveland Peck, Auriculas through the Ages, 2011, A fascinating book full of amazing facts and beautiful illustrations (Not to buy if you are looking for growing information)

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