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All the plants in the ‘category’ primroses on our website are from the botanical section called ‘Primula’  but usually known as Vernales primulas. They include the European species: the native woodland primrose Primula vulgaris, the meadow cowslip Primula veris, the oxlip Primula elatior, and Primula juliae from the Caucasus.  Over several centuries these native species have been much developed and hybridised to produce a huge range of vigorous, free-flowering and long lived plants.

Unlike some of the modern hybrids that have been bred to look good on the supermarket shelf and last only one season, all the Barnhaven primroses are hardy, vigorous perennials, especially selected for their range of pure colours, vigour and also scent. 

They are all well adapted to a range of climates but will prefer a fertile, moisture retentive soil in a semi-shady position. 

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