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Barnhaven's unnamed double primroses

Barnhaven’s double primroses come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and habit.

Breeding double primroses has been Lynne’s passion since 2001. Basing her work on the rich source of genes that her predecessors at Barnhaven had developed, she has spent many a spring searching for scraps of pollen in the complicated flowers of the double primroses, patiently crossing and recrossing double pollen onto single flowers in the search for that perfect pink or the ultimate stripey blue or that special something that really stands out.

From time to time, after several seasons of careful selection, observation and patient dividing (sometimes it can take up to ten years), she will decide that one or two extra special plants are worth naming and propagating. However, the hundreds of other seedlings that are not selected are still beautiful, hardy double primroses that come in a huge variety of colours and forms. These are the plants that we are offering for sale here.

All the plants we sell are hardy, good garden plants and double primroses are very rewarding in the garden or in containers. They have long flowering periods and will produce hundreds of blooms. They often flower slightly later than the acaulis and polyanthus forms in late spring. Make sure you keep them well-fed and frequently divided, and they will reward you year after year.

Please note that although you can choose the colours, there will still be a wide varying degree of different shades and double forms. The plants in the photos are only representatives of what you may receive.

For tips on growing Double Primroses, see this section.

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