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Double primrose seed

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Our double primrose seed is the result of years of hand-pollinating. We pollinate over 30 different colour sections to produce the seed so the colour range is astonishing. If you raise double primroses from our seed you will have unique plants that have never before seen the light of day

PLEASE NOTE: These seed strains are for gamblers only. On average, you can expect about 25% doubles out of a packet but we cannot guarantee how many doubles your packet of seed will produce. You may get more than your ''quota''. You may get none at all. Germination can be slow and sporadic. Cherish the slower-growing seedlings - these are more likely to bear double flowers. A proportion of single flowered plants sometimes become double the second year.

For tips on sowing Double Primroses, see this section. 

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