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Primula Yellow Cowichan Group

This is one of our favourite yellow polyanthus primroses. A stunning combination of intense yellows and very attractive bronze foliage. The strong stems are often a reddish colour and somewhat shorter than the Harvest Yellows. It often flowers slightly later than other polyanthus and looks good for longer in the season. It is stunning in combination with some red tulips and Amethyst Cowichans for a bright container.

For more information about sowing Polyanthus primroses, please visit our culture page.

For more information on growing and caring for Polyanthus primroses – please read this section on growing Primroses and Polyanthus.

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  • Flowering period : Mid-spring
  • Ultimate Height : 15-20 cm
  • Hardiness : -20°C
  • Foliage : Evergreen
  • Sunlight : Partial shade
  • Moisture : Moist but well-drained
  • PH : Acid or neutral
  • Culture : border, woodland, pot
  • Pot size : 7cm
  • No. seeds per packet : min 35

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