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Meconopsis grandis

  • Himalayan blue poppy
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Meconopsis grandis - Himalayan blue poppy

This beautiful pernnial blue poppy from the Himalayas is a tricky customer. They  need to be grown in part-shade in peaty, acidic soil which is damp but well-drained. They do not like very hot temperatures. If the soil is too wet in winter they may rot as they normally over-winter under snow cover. Grown with Primula alpicola they will produce  a stunning display in early summer and are well  worth the challenge. You are supposed to cut the flowers off the first year to let the plant develop or let it go to seed and grow some more plants from seed the following year as they germinate well. 

  • Flowering period : Late spring - mid-summer
  • Ultimate Height : 80-100 cm
  • Hardiness : -20°C
  • Foliage : Deciduous
  • Sunlight : Partial shade
  • Moisture : Moist but well-drained
  • PH : Acid or neutral
  • Culture : border, woodland
  • Pot size : 9cm

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