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  • NAMED DOUBLE AURICULAS Plant collection
  • Product Code: 6008P

Collection 6 plants

Named double auricula plant collection.

Our selection of 6 different named double auricula plants. Plants will vary according to availability but we will try and guarantee a good mix of colours.

Double auriculas are easy to grow and this is a good collection for beginners. They can be kept in pots or grown in a larger container or stone trough altogether. They can also be planted in a very well-drained border or rockery. Use a rich, gritty soil and try to avoid excess wet in winter.

  • Flowering period : Early - late spring
  • Ultimate Height : 10-15 cm
  • Hardiness : -30°C
  • Foliage : Evergreen
  • Sunlight : Partial shade
  • Moisture : Well-drained
  • PH : Alkaline, acid or neutral
  • Culture : border, pot, rockery, trough
  • Pot size : 7cm

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