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Auricula seeds

Barnhaven auriculas: Our Barnhaven border auricula and double auricula strains have been line-bred for years in a huge range of colours which means the seed strains will come true. i.e if we cross a red border with another red border we are sure to get seeds that will produce red borders. Unlike double acaulis primulas the double auriculas also set seed. This is why we can offer such a wonderful range of with guaranteed colours and forms.

Show and Alpine auricula seed: Now this is another story altogether. Who knows what genes are lurking in these little beauties that have been crossed with all sorts of things for centuries. This is also the fun of it because you can get a real mix of surprises. When you cross a red Self with a red Self there will invariably be some red Selfs in the results but also some pinks, darks reds, light reds, blues but maybe even some alpines or even a yellow! 

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