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SHOW SELF AURICULAS Plant collection

  • Collection Show self auriculas
  • Product Code: 6012p

Collection 6 plants
42.00€ Available autumn

Show Self Auriculas - Plant collection. 

Our selection of 6 different Show Self auriculas. Plants will vary according to availability but we will make sure you get a variety of colours. This is a good choice for collectors who already have a few auriculas and would to expand their collection but it not for novices.

Show self auriculas are stunning plants because of the bright pure colours which often contrast with the powdery foliage. For the best display, we recommend you grow them under protection from the rain otherwise the powder on the flowers will run. For more advice on growing show auriculas please see our Growing pages. 

  • Flowering period : Early - late spring
  • Ultimate Height : 10-15 cm
  • Hardiness : -30°C
  • Foliage : Evergreen
  • Sunlight : Partial shade
  • Moisture : Well-drained
  • PH : Alkaline, acid or neutral
  • Culture : pot, trough, cold greenhouse
  • Pot size : 7cm

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