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Barnhaven Border auricula Strains

Barnhaven have been growing Border auriculas for over half a century and we pride ourselves on maintaining our reputation for hardy, easy to grow auriculas in a stunning array of forms and colours. We hand-pollinate our border auriculas every year in separate colour strains from carefully selected plants to ensure there are always new additions to our stock. The plants you find here are all produced from these seed stains and are all unnamed unique plants. There will be a mixture of pin and thrum flowers. 

They are very easy to grow in the garden as long as you ensure they are in a free-draining spot in part-shade. Watch out for slugs and snails. It can help to put some sharp grit round the base of the plants.

Height: 10 - 20cm.

Flowering period: Mid - late spring.

Culture: Good plants for troughs or larger containers, rockeries and well-drained borders in a partial shade.

Soil: rich, gritty soil, avoid excess wet in winter. 

For more information about caring for auriculas please visit our section on Border Auriculas.

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