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Acaulis primroses

These charming and informal plants have the same shape and habit as the familiar wild primrose or Primula vulgaris. As opposed to the polyanthus forms, which have several flowers on one tall stem, the hybrids of the acaulis primroses produce a profusion of individual flowers on single stems. They are some of the earliest to flower, easiest to grow and will self-seed profusely, producing a lovely mixture of colours.

Many of these are old Barnhaven strains, some of which date back to the 1950s . These very hardy old-fashioned primroses are a treasure trove of pure, yet subtle colours.  Each plant is a softly fragrant bonanza of blossom. Pick the flowers for your first spring posies - for each blossom plucked, another long scrolled bud springs up.  They will be a boon for the early pollinators and will provide that early splash of colour when all is still drab and gray.

Flowering time: Late Winter - mid-spring

Height: 10-15 cm

Culture: Acaulis primroses are happy in a semi-shade. They need cool, damp soil. and when happy will form quite large clumps. They will do well in garden beds or pots. Add some well-rotted manure and garden compost before planting. May be divided every couple of years. 

For more tips on growing acaulis see the section on Primroses and Polyanthus.

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