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    Primula allionii and Primula marginata - Seed selection
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Elizabethan primroses seed mix

A primula seed mixture of Jack-in-the-Green and Hose-in-Hose forms, but may also include Jackanapes - with a striped calyx, Gallygaskins - with a large ribbed calyx, and others. A very wide palette of colours. Have a try - who knows what exciting things you will grow!

Please note that there will unavoidably be a very small proportion of flowers with normal bloom.

Height: 15 - 20cm

Flowering period: Late winter – mid-spring.

Culture: borders or pots in partial shade.

Soil: rich, damp soil.

For more information about sowing Anomalous primroses, please visit our culture page

Minimum of 35 seeds per packet.

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