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Primula pulverulenta

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Primula pulverulenta

One of the widest grown candelabras. The flowers are cerise to wine-red, with a dark eye but it's the combination with the powdery stems that makes them such stunning plants. Really tough plants in the garden, we would recommend this candelabra primula  as one of the easiest to grow. Subtle perfume. 

Height: 60-90cm.

Flowering period: Late spring - mid-summer. 

Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit

Culture: rich, moist soil. Full sun or partial shade.

For more information about sowing, please visit our Sowing instructions. For more information on growing and caring for Candelabra primroses – please read this section on growing Candelabras.

Minimum of 35 seeds per packet.

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