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PRIMULA JULIANA Plant collection

  • Primula JULIANA Plant collection
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Collection 6 plants

Primula juliana plant collection. 

Our selection of 6 different Juliana primroses, including Barnhaven strains and named cultivars. Plants will vary according to availability. These hybrids of P.juliae also known as 'Pruhonicians' are some of the earliest and longest  flowering primulas. They are generally quite small in stature but make up in size for the exuberance of the flowers and many of them have inherited the stoloniferous rootstock of the original P. juliae species and will spread readily in the garden.

Flowering period : Mid-winter - mid-spring. 

Height : 10 - 20cm. 

Culture : semi-shade, borders or in pots. 

Available autumn 2018.

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