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BOG GARDEN PRIMULA - Plant Collection

  • Bog garden Primula
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Collection 6 plants

Bog garden primula Collection

A collection of 6 bog garden primula including Candelabra Primulas, belled Primulas and other wet loving plants such as P.rosea or P.viallii. All plants will be separately labelled. 

This is a good starter collection for someone looking for primulas that will grow in a very wet patch in the garden. Either a bog garden,  pond  or stream banks or very moisture retentive spot in the garden. The more moisture they get the better they will tolerate a sunny position. In the right place they will readily self-seed. Please note that while these primulas will tolerate very wet ground in the growing months they do not like to be submerged and are best grown in a place where they will not be covered in water in the winter. Most of the plants will go dormant in the winter and will barely be visible so be careful not to dig them up. 

Height: 30- 100cm

Flowering period: Mid-spring to late summer. (depending on the selection but most will flower late spring to mid-summer)

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