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Clay Pot

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One Vintage Clay pot

These are old reclaimed clay pots that we inherited along with the collection of auriculas from Field House Alpine. They are from the pottery of Sankey of Bulwell in Nottingham which used to be based near the nursery. This is one of the most famous producers of clay pots. Founded in 1855 by Richard Sankey, it was based in near the railway line where they could easily ship the pots out which were transported all over the world. Until 1939, they were hand-thrown and after that were 'hand-made' with the help of a machine called a 'Jigger-Jolly'. From 1960 onwards, clay pots were gradually replaced by plastic pots but they contined to produce clay pots until 1976. 

These pots are at least 40 years old! Frost resistant, unlike many modern pots, they will obviously show signs of age and may have slight defects. Height 10 cm, diameter 10 cm which is perfect for auriculas. or other alpine primulas. 


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