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Victorian Polyanthus

The Barnhaven Victorian Polyanthus strain was first introduced in 1948 by Florence Bellis. Developed from a seed strain called Suttons Blue, it was first sold as a mixture of  'Victorian Shades'.  This is the entry from that early catalogue: 'The opulent shades of an elegant era - American Beauty, cerise, fuchsia, purple, some occasionally silver-edged'. They were then separated out into the strains that we still have today 'Violet, Mauve' Carnation, Striped, Muted and Old Rose Victorian'. Willie and Sylvia Sinclair added the Fuchsia and Valentine Strains. 

Flowering period: February- April

Height: 15-20cm.

For tips on growing Victorian Polyanthus see the section on Primroses and Polyanthus.

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