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Double Primroses

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary ? Our double primroses are the result of years of hand-pollinating. A relentless but exciting task as the outcome is often fabulous and each year we wait with baited breath to see the new flowers.  Most of the doubles we have on sale are unique specimens that you will not find anywhere else. There is an enormous range of colours and most of them are quite fragrant.

Try growing our seed and produce double primroses for yourselves that have never before seen the light of day.

For tips on growing Double Primroses, see this section. 

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Blue Ice
Double primrose 'Blue Ice'. Light blue, an unusual colour in doubles and quite literally breath..
Blue Sapphire
A lovely old Barnhaven faithful. Literally masses of true blue flowers. SORRY OUT OF STOCK, SHOULD B..
Brittany Blue
Double Primrose 'Brittany Blue' The colour of sun-washed doors and shutters of little granite houses..
Double primrose 'Camaieu'. One of our favourites, first developed in 2003, it has been out of stock ..
Dawn Ansell
Double Primrose 'Dawn Ansell'.  'Dawn Ansell' came from a Welsh breeder Dr. Cecil Jon..
Guernsey cream
Double primrose 'Guernsey Cream'. Bronze foliage and creamy flowers, it’s a real seduction piece. &n..
Ken Dearman
Double Primrose 'Ken Dearman'. Another Barnhaven with pretty flowers in shades of orange, red, yello..
Tregor Rose
Double Primrose 'Tregor Rose' A distinctive frosted crimson double. This flower really has the ..
Double Primrose 'Melenoc'h' A splash of pure sunshine.The brightest of doubles to lighten up..
Miss Indigo
An old introduction by Barnhaven that has been produced by many people over the years. Very reliable..
Double primrose 'Miel'. A delicate little jewel, this is an elaborate descendant of the&nb..
A pure white double with a delicate form. ..
Sunshine Susie
Double Primrose 'Sunshine Susie'. Masses of bright cheerful yellow flowers. Sorry, currently ou..
Miss Doris
Double Primrose 'Miss Doris'. A dainty double with that characteristic Barnhaven lacing. Pin..
Pink Grapefruit
Double Primrose 'Pink Grapefruit'.  A veritable profusion of orangey apricot flowers. Quite ..
Pink Star
Like the diamond…Pink Star is a also one of nature’s treasures. With the usual vigour and delicat..
Raspberry Ripple
Double Primrose 'Raspberry Ripple'. A scrumptious profusion of dark pink, white edged flowers. ..
Double Primrose 'Sundae'. Peaches and cream. Absolutely delicious. ..
Our strain of double primroses is the result of intensive work over a long period. The colour range ..
From this seed mixture you should obtain pinks, blues, reds, mauves and more. Some may be edged with..
From this seed mixture you should obtain yellows, creams, whites, honey shades and more.  PL..
NAMED DOUBLES Plant collection
Our selection of 6 different plants chosen from our wide selection of named double primroses. Plants..